Environmental footprint

We host thousands of guests between April and October.
Every day we heat, light and clean nearly 2,000 sq.m (21,500 sq.ft) of rooms, suites and public areas.
We wash almost clean linens.
Our guests and staff use a vehicle as their main form of transportation.
We are part of the economy, and as such, have a negative impact on the environment.

We do, however, take the most environmentally-friendly approach when possible.

For example:
- We buy from local businesses to offer you authenticity and minimize transport (e.g. local wines);
- We provide organic bathroom amenities;
- We use gas-discharge rather than halogen lamps for outdoor lighting;
- We show our staff how to save water and use products responsibly;
- We suggest to guests that towels not be changed daily (folded, dry towels are left until the next day)

We appreciate your help in these efforts.