The park

Nestled in the foothills

 The special atmosphere at the MAS DE CHASTELAS may come from its park.

The Mas is nestled in the foothills on a natural slope that adds much to the inherent charm of the two-hectare property.

The tour begins by walking through the main gate.

On the right is a view of the tennis courts and golf green.

The sprawling lawns to the left and right offer a fresh, clear perspective. Immediately, you know where you are. This is a park, not a garden, and it feels like home.

The park extends over two hectares, with lush vegetation planted down a gentle slope and revealed like theatre décor.

A special feature of the park are the fully-grown trees and shrubs that fill it – nature is our gardener!

The main tree species on the property are holm oak, cork oak and mimosa.

We also have magnificent umbrella pines, the younger of which grow haphazardly among the oleander..

The park is designed as a space to walk and take a break. Several covered and uncovered pavilions provide a place to be alone. Enjoy the peace and quiet in a lounge chair on terraces nestled among the greenery.
Low-growing plants in the garden include bay trees, oleander and pittosporum (single color and multi-colored). From this luxurious vegetation spring blossoms of every color: lavender, wisteria, climbing rose, daisies and shrub verbenas which blossom in the mid-summer sun...

Orange trees in the garden produce pounds and pounds of fruit every year – in the winter, that is, when the mimosas are in bloom. Don’t worry though, wood pigeons, doves, and of course cicadas will be here during your stay.

Rarer species of trees in the garden include pomegranate, Judas, strawberry (produces fruit in the winter), medlar and eucalyptus.

Spring (until mid-June) is the best time to see the flowers, including our spectacular white and pink oleander bushes. Flowers are less prominent after that – but summer smells wonderful too.


The park
The park
The park